Saturday, November 21, 2009

Intelligent Conversation

Intelligent conversation - lately I have been hearing this more than often. Someone I was talking to, the other day, mentioned about this. At that time, I just said, I have to intelligent to have an intelligent conversation. Later on that day, I tried find out about what an intelligent conversation is, just to make sure, I didnt have any funny conceptions about the same. As I did that, I realized, one of my big turn ons is intelligent conversation. What I also realized is that, you dont have to be a genious for having an intelligent conversation. But I do feel this is more of a lost art now. When two people are talking, if one of the two people is hardly talking, of course, the whole question of an intelligent conversation doesnt arise there. Similarly, when two people are only trying to defend their points, the conversation may well be called an argument. Intelligent conversation goes along the lines of a healthy discussion, where two people share their views on various different things though with an open mind.
I believe I have an intelligent conversation almost 90% of the time when I am talking to my mom. We discuss various different topics. Many a times, I have taken cabs and have really good conversations with some of the cab drivers. Similarly with some of my friends. While with a lot of my friends, I just yak around, but there are some close friends of mine, who are capable of and love having intelligent conversations. Often time we talk about topics which could include anything from psychology, general human tendency, movies, computers etc etc. But as I mentioned earlier, this is more of a lost art now. It is sad but true that these days, people get bored of each other too soon and have low levels of tolerance and dont even want to have a conversation with others.

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  1. yes. you r correct. nowadays people get bored of each other.healthy coversation is not there.