Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Secret of Success - There is no secret

Last year sometime I watched Kungfu Panda, a nice movie. One thing I remember from the movie is the secret recipe for the soup, the Panda's dad was going to teach him and in the end Panda would be told that the secret recipe is that there no secret. In real life too we go around looking for secret ways to miraculously achieve success. But we almost all the time fail to understand that, the real secret of success is that there is no secret. We humans are often tempted to look for short cuts to achieving what we want. I recently watched a hindi movie called ShortKut. It was about two men trying to make it big in the movie industry. One of them being a very hardworking guy and the other one being the kind of guy who always looks for shortcuts to success. In the end in the movie, we are shown that the moral of the story is that people who look for shortcuts to success, never quite make it big. Hardwork would never fail you. Sucess comes slowly and doesnt come overnight, if it does, remember it wont last long. Just do your best you can in anything you do and success will come through eventually. For a student, there is no success without studying, for someone doing a job, success would be attained by working hard, giving in the best. No matter what profession you are in, no matter what you do, no matter how trivial or how super critical it is, dont look for secret weapons for getting done with things, you will get nowhere. So real secret to success is that there is no secret.

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  1. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

    Sucess will defenitely come in your life.
    Don't bother about passing defeats.