Monday, December 28, 2009

Genius or Genious?

Genuis or Genious? Confusing right? There is just a difference of one alphabet in these two spellings. Technically, the first spelling is the right one. It means the genius, the geek or whatever. But the second one is what one calls another person when they are trying to put down the other's intelligence mostly in a public setting. In a way, this can be compared to a sarcastic yet subtle way of belittling someone who claims himself to be super-intelligent. Often idiots call themselves genious ignorant of the fact that the word is spelled as genius, which is completely ironical. I was trying to think of the spelling for the word genius :P and well I wont tell you the spelling that came to my mind :D. I always wanted to become a genius in atleast some aspect. But then, for all I know you can only become a genious, but you have to be genius by birth and cannot artificially induce it in yourself :P.


  1. That was really a Genious writeup. :))

  2. Good trivia. Btw where did you get the image? It is very funny.

    Happy New Year.