Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who will cry when you die?

Everyone atleast at some point in life should think about this question "who will cry when I die?" When a person dies, all the people who loved him/her cry for them. It could include parents, children, significant others, friends and other relatives. While this is the common norm for most people. Some people die a pathetic death where not a single soul bothers. For some others' deaths the whole world cries. Who cries when you die determines a lot about the kind of life you have lived while you were alive. I was watching this movie called the Ghosts of the Girlfriends' past, where Matthew McConaughey is shown by a ghost of future how on his funeral not a single soul would show up. Similarly, in Christmas Carol, the ghost of future shows Scrooge that how most people are totally indifferent about his death. Death is inevitable and once we die, we might not really know who is celebrating it and who is crying over it. But someday when our life flashes before our eyes, it may or may not be worth watching. It is completely upto us to make it worth watching. It is not possible for everyone of us to become a saint, but we could atleast try to live a life where we have made a difference to atleast one person's life, where we brought happiness in atleast one person's life. I do agree that mostly when people die, it is really a resistance to the change that makes people cry, the change being the fact that the person who died will no more be a part of their lives. Live a life which is fulfilling for you in the first place but at the sametime, even if you cant make everyone happy, atleast don't ruin anyone's life while you are alive. Think about Mother Teresa, the day she died, along with the whole world, even the clouds cried and it rained. The whole idea here is that, live a meaningful life and you don't have to back in your life to start all over again, you can start making a difference starting this next moment.

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