Friday, February 12, 2010

Commenting on blogs

Disclaimer for this post: I am not sure how other bloggers think, but this is just what I think.

Comments for blogs are always welcome and highly appreciated. But when you write comments, I would appreciate any comments, which could be critical or in support of what I wrote, however what hurts is when someone tries to comment on me as a person as a comment to one of my blogposts. I dont want comments on whether I am an expert on a topic or not, I dont consider myself an expert in anything for that matter. A comment appreciating my quality of writing or pointing out flaws in my writing would encourage me to write better. I strongly believe anyone who blogs just writes his/her ideas and uses this as medium to share it with others and not to hear judgemental comments about themselves. Once again, please comment on the content of someone's blogs, or their style of writing but not on the people they are.


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  2. so no one comments, on a blog post about comments, :P. Well i don't agree.

    If people want to call me his holiness on my blog they totally can. Just don't call me a @#$%$#. At least if you have to say something, then grow a pair and be up front about it. I just hate anonymous comments.