Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year - New Beginning

New Year marks a new beginning and we should give up all old sorrows, worries and look forward to the new days coming up. As for me, last year began in the worst possible way and on new year, I wrote a pretty apologetic post. The beginning of the year was pretty much a mess. Well it is fair enough to say that my life has been a mess more than once, but I manage to have everything in control, for the most part ;). As the year proceeded, several events took place...moving to CA, quitting my job, getting back to India, getting a new pinky vaio, an ipad :D etc etc..phew!!!...Nevertheless, once I was back home, I believe things started improving and I think that's what happens when you are around family :). There were tons of things on the back of my mind, lots of pressures, feeling of being in a deadlock, but thanks to my parents, brother, bff, and all my other friends who understood me and did not get mad at my isolating myself and building a wall around myself, I have been able to and I am still managing to fight my emotional setbacks.I must say, it has been one hell of a year, a lot of laughter, tons of tears, tense days, hectic days, but all is well in the end. Having said that, I hope the new year brings joy and peace to not just myself, but to everyone on planet earth. resolutions for the new year - well, I have not really thought of any big time resolution except to keep my life more organized and disciplined. There is one thing to definitely look forward to this year - admits to universities and flying back to the US. Apart from that, things would keep happening, lets see what is in store. So here is wishing everyone a happy new year again...lets look put our pasts behind us and look forward to better tomorrows. And as several of my friends tell me - keep smiling, it is very important. :)

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