Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blame Game!!

Yes it is so true. We are all messed up, we are all selfish. Some of us have the guts to admit it, while most of keep looking for excuses or things to blame. The other day, one of my co-workers at office was just telling me about the blame game that we play all the time. His point was that when we blame others, we are basically trying to hide some characteristic or some fear of ours which we are unable to deal with. Absolutely right it is. Sometimes we blame others, sometimes we blame god, sometimes time, sometimes situations, sometimes the past and just everything possible. Truly what we are running away from is just our own conscience. While rarely some of us are bold enough to accept our mistakes and take the blame on us for mistakes. But most people I have seen all through my life are the ones who would try to blame you for everything. It is as simple as this, we all are messed up, and we have our issues. What is the point in blaming others or anything for that matter for something that has already taken place, if you can take control take it or just let things happen. But there are also some people who are completely the other way around. They tend to blame themselves for everything happening around them and happening to them, these are people who are in some way depressed. Either way, blame game is either going to depress you or someone closely connected to you. So I have just begun to realize rather than blame anything, instead I could face it, face the reality, face the situation and take ownership for it, if it is something under my control, otherwise, just let things pass me like a passing cloud. Life is too precious to play the blame game.

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