Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do people have affairs?-Lack of Attention?

This question has always popped up in my mind. I have seen people having affairs at varying stages in life and at various ages. One of my ex boyfriends was seeing several girls at the same time. Till today I have not been able to understand what he was trying to accomplish. I tried researching and as a part of my research, I even asked this question to a lot of people i know - "Why would you have an extra affair if u r given a chance to have that?". I have gotten various types of answers for this. Some people have said for sex, some for attention, some for fun, some just to wreak vengeance on their partner who might have been constantly hurting them, some for forgetting the issues they have in their marriage life etc etc. But in essense the most commonly heard reason was- Attention-Lack of Attention. I often wonder as human beings we all expect a lot of attention, however why is it that sometimes we are pushed so much to crave attention and go to any extent to get that attention. I really am no exception to this, I crave attention, tons of it. I crave a lot of attention from my boyfriend and there have been times when I have gone mad with rage when he didnt give that attention to me. When I am much more calmer and think about all this, so many people like me who crave for attention are actually very insecure deep inside, and keep looking for approvals and assurances from others, however think about it calmly, one doesnt need other people's approval or assurance, I agree it definitely helps, but I am sure we can assure ourselves. Life is too short to keep trying to live other people's lives, live your own life, assure yourself, u need approval from urself and not others.

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