Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wondering who this is? Or what am I trying to say here? Well Clingboy(CB) is a guy at my work place who yaks more than I do, now can u believe it? Well its true. Why is he called CB. Simple reason, he tries to cling too much and can test anyone's patience. Some people are often overly persisting in nature and they eventually tend to become very clingy. Like Dr. Lecter says, we covet what we see everyday, these people unknowingly start coveting. So wherever u go, u are bound to come across some people who would try to cling on to you. To a moderate extent it is ok and can be dealt with, but beyond a point, it is not fun. Just to get your attention for a minute atleast, these people would go to any extent. For example now, CB used to ping me day in and day out hoping to get my reply atleast once, he would constantly call me and leave me voice msgs, he would text me all the time. Oftentimes I have even felt, that he is crazy and keeps bugging me. But its sad but true that there are a lot of times any of us could become like this. There is a clingboy or clinggirl in each of us. It is just about how much control we have over our minds that decides whether or not the clingboy or clinggirl in us is going to come out or not. Talking of this, I just realized, how many times, I have myself done this to my bf and believe me it is not exciting or fun. It is actually painful. This just comes down to a previous post of mine where I was taking about craving for attention. Weirdly though, I have been realizing that I havent done much good to my relationship with my bf by being clingy. And I have just realized, the more attention you give to certain people, the more they take you for granted. Its simple, never give anyone more importance than what they deserve. As for CB, I am a little sorry for him, but sadly I cannot really help him. The moment there comes a CB or CG in his life, he would himself realize what he has been doing.

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  1. You blog description "THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS AND OP...." Sounds like disclaimer!! :D

    good blog post.. I liked it!