Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My experiences with matrimony

As messed up as I always I am, I pose a hundred conditions to my parents when they talk about finding a guy to marry me off. Sometimes when I think about it, I cant help laughing at myself and my conditions. My first filter is the pictures of the guy, I would just tell my parents, dont even talk to me about a guy without is pictures. :P. The next filter is his writing abilities, which I feel tells me about his attitude, so if he messes up his about me section of his profile, there he goes, he gets rejected :). If a guy crosses these filters, next level is yakking with the guy on some instant msgr and again I believe a lot about a guy comes out when he yaks on the msgr. Thanks to my experiences with bfs, I safely assume, that I can find out pretty much a lot about a guy while i am chatting with me. Of course while IMing him, if he doesnt know what to talk and keeps saying, "so what else?", it is enough to piss me off. I always avoid that phrase, makes me feel that u r not capable of conversations. Mind you, I could of course be wrong. During the IMs i also check if the guy seems very desperate and if the guy knows how to talk to a girl. I can safely bet there are tons of guys who suck at that. Anyways, if a guy passes this stage, next filter is a phone conversation, again, the way a guy speaks on the phone speaks volumes of his conversation abilities and also his attitude and confidence. Past all these phases, the next thing obviously meeting the guy in person, because u see, photos could be deceiving. Well my experiences with matrimony are countable in number. In my case, most guys dont even make it to the IM phase. Couple of guys have crossed that phase and one turned out be a huge disaster...lets see whats in store for the future. :).
Oftentimes, I get to listen from my parents that I am arrogant, I am probably thinking too high about myself and blah blah for all my filters :P and they even ask me, how I would feel if I were to feel if I would get rejected. Honestly speaking, i dont think I will be pleased getting rejected, but see I am not that mean, i reject people before having a conversation with them, that way, everyone is happy. And what my parents dont understand or pretend not to understand is that of course like every human being, i have been rejected in many situations may be not particularly in a matrimony sort of thing. But yes I have been rejected. I hate being rejected but then now, I just tell myself, someone who rejects me is missing out on something :P. I am sure I am in for more fun in this whole matrimony business. Lets see what happens.

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