Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love kids!

I never knew, that I would fall in love with little kids. When I was in my early teens,I used to always like to stay away from kids, except of course my younger bro. Slowly, the feeling changed as I grew. But recently I got a chance to spend an afternoon with second grade kids. Infact,I will be doing that every week till next summer I guess. :). I have to admit, when I was in the school with the kids, I forgot my worries,my stress and everything on my mind. I was supposed to teach about jobs and businesses to kids. What ended up happening was, as I was telling them things, I was letting them tell me little things about themselves. I loved to see that curiosity, that eagerness of kids to speak. I wanted to make sure, no kid was left out. And believe me, kids these days are really really smart,not sure, if I was as smart as these second grade kids when I was in second grade :P. As I was walking inside the school,looking for the classroom I was supposed to go to. I was slowly transported to my school days and it made me unbelievably happy and it took me a few minutes to realize that I was actually smiling all along the way. The days when I went to school alone and then the six years I went to school with my younger brother were like coming back to life. What I realized was that, it is so much fun to be with kids, because their love is unbiased and true. I cant wait to go back and visit them again. :)

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