Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dont give anyone more importance than what they deserve!

One of my ex boyfriends, used to tell me this line " Dont give anyone more importance than what they deserve", during the short time period of our relationship. I later realized that I should have done the same for him. I probably had done for the most part, so when the relationship ended, neither was i broken, nor surprised. But there was one thing which he did, to completely sabotage my self confidence. Breaking up is a part of life, but there are nice ways of doing it, while leaving, he called me a liar, said that he had wasted all of his time on my problems though in reality, he never even had time to talk to me. For quite sometime, my mind believed what he said, though it was absolutely false. May be i was so shocked that I believed the crap i was told. It took my bff almost a year to get me out of that belief. This was just an example of how some loser in your life can shake the self confidence and self esteem you have. It is so easy to say that you have to be strong, and should not let anyone damage your self esteem. I was always one of the most confident and sharp persons who was loved by several people, may be still am ;). But some events like these can shake the base of the strongest of buildings too. However, I did recover and then as history repeats itself, a similar story took place in my life. But this time in the worst possible way. These things have made me wonder if it is worth loving someone? Is it worth showering affection on someone? The question that comes to my mind is am I not supposed to give up my ego completely for someone, but in the process dont I lose my self esteem. It has always been tricky. I havent found a solution to this issue. But one lesson I have learnt is that, ego will automatically hide itself for people who love us, and not who we love. If someone loves you truly, there would be no question of ego. But people who try to treat you like trash, dont deserve a very nice treatment. I used to be a follower of Gandhiji and probably still am for the most part and used to believe in loving all and hating no one. I have learnt now, u need not hate anyone, but you dont have to love everyone. That brings me to the line my ex bf told me, dont give anyone more importance than what they deserve. People who love you, value you and respect you deserve your importance, love, care and concern, but those who are trying to put you down are losers. You can try to love them, but remember it could cost you your sanity. I am not preaching tit for tat concept here. But I have come to learn that people who dont care about you are not worth your time, your thoughts.


  1. I truely accept with the story... he deserves the words which he said to u and havent followed in his life....

  2. :) i can relate to your feelings.. hope you came over it..

  3. i can relate also. hope you're good now. i love some of your thoughts here. will share, hope you don't mind me sharing it to others. what u wrote is something worth sharing so lots can learn from it. thanks and God bless.

    1. Hey there! Thanks and feel free to share any thoughts which you liked!

  4. truly encouraging.......:) i m going through the same scenario right now.......but after reading this article.....feeling much relaxed.