Friday, June 4, 2010

Creative Void!

Off late, I have been having a creative void. As a matter of fact, for over a year now, I often feel that I have lost my creativity. I used to be able to draw, paint, do craft work, write essays, make scrapbooks etc etc etc. I have been consoling myself by reminding myself of the stress I have been through, the busy schedules I have been having. However, not sure if that is the reason for this creative void. I have lost my creativity in blogging too. So I have been try to creatively think for the past couple of days as to why people could have a creative void. Probably it is a lack of motivation, or may be it is the height of boredom, or may be it is depression or may be it is a latent stress because of procrastinating too many things whatever the reason is, a creative void feels pretty difficult to overcome.

There are some psychological techniques to increase one's creativity. As soon as a creative idea or thought strikes our mind, it is a great idea to capture that in a diary, or a journal or a piece of paper. The next thing would be to challenge the mind by trying to do new things, trying to solve new, different problems. Beyond both of these, our environments and surroundings majorly help increase our creativity. As much as I have put down some ways to help increase creativity, that much I have to admit that I am unable to overcome my creative void. May be this effort to write about creative void would kindle back my creativity.

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  1. I have to admit you dont write for an audience, but you just like to put your mind on paper. I have been following what you write since your musing on TM profiles.
    have three things to say,
    1) I am swept by your thoughts.
    2) I am awed by your feeling.
    3) I admire your candidness.
    But dont you think, your cynicism is just a little overboard? You are too hard on yourself and people...

    First, you (probably) work your ass off and dont have enough energy or the time to showcase your creativity. Second, I see creativity as expression of one's self- and you are your expression of self. There has probably been a change in medium but I presume your inner-self has been consistent.

    As for people that back bite- I wish life were simpler but it aint. This is when I (not meant as an advice) revert to the golden words oft repeated in tamil cinema- "Kadavul mela baaratha podu"...