Friday, December 2, 2011

The side effects of studying psychology!

Ever since I became a psych grad student, I think several times before I write anything. I guess this is because I have begun to look at statistical significance of everything I wish to write about. After spending close to a semester reading articles on various topics in psychology, now, when I look through archives of my old blog posts, I feel that I have just made some claims in my posts merely based on my past experiences. However a psychologist would look at my posts and say that my claims are probably not generalizable to a larger population and that my sample size is too small, considering that my sample includes just me. Now when I think of writing about anything, I start to think if I have data to back up what I say. The results of this post indicate that this is a side effect of studying psychology. Future research in this regard should focus on keeping a personal blog and scientific research separate. In essence the abstract of this post is just that studying psychology has some serious side effects including appearing weird and crazy, thinking several times before writing or saying anything, getting excited for awkward things, questioning anything and everything! 

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