Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day dreaming is fun!!

Day dreaming is really fun...remember it is a dream, so stop trying to bring any practicality into your dream. Po Bronson in his book says, 'Get rid of the fear factor, pursue your dreams.' Life is a bitch not because of all the several problems that we are made to fight every day, but also because we as human beings pose several bounds on ourselves and our lives, thanks to our 'society' for this. We keep bounding ourselves and we put bounds on our thoughts too and keep telling ourselves that a particular thing is 'supposed to be' a certain way. Have you ever thought about how much these mental bounds frustrate us. However I often try to let myself loose, by forcing these mental bounds to loosen up a little bit and try to look at things as is, than with the 'supposed to be' outlook. Oftentimes, it makes problems look simpler and lets you accept the situation or problem, which in most cases is the first step to conquering a problem. Sometimes I just close my eyes and visualize, I visualize all the things I had been expecting to be happening in my visualizations, and let my imagination loose and try to take off all my mental blocks and visualize peacefully. In my dreams and visualizations, I rule the world, everything happens the way I want, there is no place for sadness, because there is no place for practicality in my dreams. After sometime, I feel much better, I feel lighter and something you would be surprised to hear about also happens. I realize all these visualizations of mine were too good to be true, in real world, things arent so easy, but since my dreams and visualizations calmed me down, now I look at my problem with a more relaxed outlook and it feels much more easy and not so life destructing. That was a fun part of dreaming, however some great minds visualize things and come up with some of the best ideas in the world. I long back visualized several little things I have achieved in my life and believe me it definitely helps. So breakfree today, dare to dream, dreaming is a lot of fun and tons of relaxation.

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