Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Ugly Truth 1- You will always make time for things you value

Well, having always been interested in how relationships work, I am going to write some ugly truths about relationships,I have been learning in my life. It is true we always make time for things we value- be it career, studies, sports we play or follow, or anything we are passionate about and think is worth our time. So I guess people are no exception to this list I just mentioned. When you value someone, for the most part, you will not take them for granted and treat them well. By treating someone well, I dont mean just talking to them nicely when you do talk to them. But it really means, making the other person feel that you value them, consider them important, like talking to them, spending time with them and for them etc. Oftentimes, we feel powerful when we kind of ignore someone and know that they would be waiting for our call or waiting to hear from us. Call me egoistic or whatever, this is the truth, doesnt it make you feel great when you know someone likes you and is waiting to hear from you. But just think about how you will feel,if you like someone and are waiting to hear from them and they dont bother getting in touch with you. You might raise your ego and say, well, I dont really care. But there are times you do really care, but just dont want to show it out. Anyways, coming back to my original point, you will always make time for things you value. If you value a person, no matter how busy you are, no matter what is happening in your life, you will make atleast a minute for them.But then, there is just another piece to this. Make time for someone if you really like them and not just for the heck of it. Ultimately if you dont really care about someone, its going to show up someway or the other. Most often we find it very convenient to assume that the other person is not aware of what is happening. In the sense, we assume, the other person is not really sure, if you are avoiding them, or just making the least possible effort to hold on to them. This could be true for a while, but afterall how long will the other person be ignorant about your attitude? Lets consider this, as humans we have this disgusting habit of making excuses for the other person. When someone doesnt call you when they said they would, you make excuses for them,may be they lost my number,may be they lost their phone, may be this, may be that. It could be true for once, or twice or may be thrice, but beyond that, who are you kidding? Truth is, when you want something badly,u will do everything for it. Similarly, when you really value someone, you will not take them for granted and will do everything to make them happy.

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